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Download the Hobbywing FlyFun ESC manual


Attention International Customers: Express Mail is the only option to ship outside the USA that has insurance and tracking. If you want the lower cost International Airmail option then you agree that DonsRC is not responsible for lost or damaged packages as I am not able to insure or track regular airmail shipments. All packages sent by this lower cost method are sent at your own risk.

December 17th, 2014: Wemotec Microfans and Minifan EVO in transit expected in around December 24th, now taking preorders.

Wicked 4000 Plus and Wicked 4800 motors back in stock as well as Hobbywing Fly-Fun 40, 60 and 100 amp ESCs. More 10 blade Wicked 50mm on the way expected in a few days. 

DonsRC offers dynamically balancing on EDF motor fan combos!

Ordering dynamically balanced EDF units is an easy 3 step process:

1) Select the motor and rotor adapter
2) Select the fan unit
3) Add the dynamic balancing to your shopping cart

Note for 50mm Wemotec Wicked motor combo balancing is offered on the product page when adding it to your shopping cart. 


Not sure what EDF combo to get or how to order?

I have compiled a list of various popular combos and the required configurations here.

Please review this EDF combination page before emailing questions as I will most likely send you a link to that same page as it has lots of info on EDF combos and the options required when ordering. If you still have questions please email me at don@donsrc.com

DonsRC Videos. See videos of Wicked powered models!

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DonsRC Wicked EDF Outrunner brushless motors for EDF jets.


Wicked 4800 KV EDF Motor.

Wicked 5400 KV EDF Extreme Motor.

Wicked 4000 KV EDF Cool Wind Motor

Wicked Plus 4400 KV EDF Motor

Wicked Plus 4000 KV EDF Motor

Wicked 6000 KV Motor for the 50mm Wemotec Microfan



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