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This special high KV motor was originally made for the Alfa 60mm fan unit to get near 4S performance with only a 3S lipo.  However this motor can also be used in the Wemotec 50mm Microfan, the 56mm XF fan unit, as well as the Wicked 55 mm EDF and Electrifly Hyperflow fan unit.  This motor works great with a DonsRC Pentium 40 amp ESC and you will be very happy with the great speed and performance you will get out of your EDF model.

Weight (as shown in photo): 67 grams
KV: 5200-5400 rpm/volt
ESC Timing: Low for FlyFun Series ESCs (higher timing does not increase RPM only amp draw)

Awesome performance on 3S in the Alfa fan with a 5 blade rotor. Recommended lipo is any 20C(or greater) 3S 2200 mah.

Here is some test data:

3S lipo in Wemotec Micro fan (50mm): 50,500 rpm, 24 amps, 280 watts 
3S lipo in Alfa with 5 blade rotor: 47,000 rpm, 40 amps, 420 watts
3S lipo in Alfa with 3 blade rotor: 53,000 rpm, 26 amps, 290 watts
4S lipo in Alfa with 3 blade rotor: 64,000 rpm, 38 amps, 530 watts
3S lipo in XF fan: 51,000 rpm, 30 amps, 330 watts
4S lipo in XF fan: 60,000 rpm, 41 amps, 540 watts  (44amps and 570 watts on newer high discharge lipos)
3S lipo Hyperflow fan : 45,000rpm, 38 amps, 400 watts
3S lipo GWS EDF 55: 43,000 rpm, 40 amps, 400 watts
3S lipo in Wicked 55mm fan unit: 40 amps, 430 watt

The use of the Wicked EDF motor in other EDF fan units or with higher cell count lipos than listed above may burn out your motor, ESC and puff your lipo. Please email DonsRC with any questions on setups not listed. Not recommended for use in any 64mm fan units and will not be warrantied if used in any 64mm fan unit or larger .

*This motor can not be used with 4S lipo in the Alfa fan with 5 blades, SF Fan, Wattage Fan,  Hyperflow,  or GWS fans on 4S lipo. The amp draw will burn up the motor!  4S lipo is ONLY for XF fan and 3 bladed Alfa fan. 

Great motor upgrade for the stock 56mm fan unit in the Phase 3 Hobby People F-16, if you have the newer larger 70mm fan this motor will not work, you need the Wicked 4000 Plus motor instead.

Note: All testing was performed at approx 74F temp with ThunderPower Extreme 3S 2200mah and 4S 2200 mah V2 lipos. Data was collected using an Eagletree Micro Logger in "Live" mode. A DonsRC Pentium 40 ESC was used set to "Low" timing. Motors were mounted in the Afla EDF housing but no inlet or outlet ducting was attached. Your actual RPM and amp draw will vary with ESC, lipo, ducting, exit nozzle sizes, and actual motor KV value. The number posted here are representative of the "typical' motor and I have done my best to try and give you the most accurate test data I can so you can make an educated and informed decision.   

Please note the motor options when ordering below:

Motor with standoff adapter and Alfa rotor plug:  For use with  the Alfa line of EDF jet models. 4S performance but only needs a 3S lipo. Keeps your Alfa model light for landing and takeoff,  but you can still punch the throttle to satisfy your speed needs!  

Motor with standoff adapter and no rotor plug : 3mm shaft output, as used in my Electrifly L-39 video. Fits Hyperfow ,  XF fan, and Wemotec Microfan.

WARNING: Do not use any Wicked EDF motors with Electrifly or Suppo brushless ESCs, they can not handle the the high rpm of a 6 pole outrunner and will fry the ESC and motor. The Hobbywing FlyFun brand of ESCs are the only recommended ESC for all Wicked EDF motors, set timing to "low". If using any other brand please contact the ESC manufacturer to get the rpm limitation of the ESC with a 6 pole outrunner motor.  If you are unsure of the ESC you have then please email DonsRC before you try as DonsRC can not be held responsible for burned out motors which are damaged due to lower quality brushless ESCs.  

DO NOT SHORTEN THE THREE MOTOR WIRES UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Shortening the motors wires will VOID any warranty and DonsRC will not service any motors or be held responsible for any collateral damage to ESCs, fan units, lipos, planes, etc when motor leads have been shortened. In other words don't do it! 

NOTE: The use of bullet connector on the motor leads is NOT recommended. Direct solder the motor leads to the ESC leads with 1/4" overlap. Bullet connectors can cause issues that can lead to ESC failure and or motor failure. Use bullet connectors at your own risk.


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